Emergency Boardup in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is such a wonderful place to live because of its natural beauty and absolutely incredible weather. With that being said, the only downside to living in South Florida is the fact that they area is a magnet for tropical storms and hurricanes. Other than tree damage, the biggest issue is with glass. Let’s face it! Glass breaks, whether it is a window or your glass doors it can break. The important thing is that you get it taken care of quickly. ASAP Restoration provides emergency boardup services in Broward County.

Delray Beach Broken Glass Boarding Up Services

It should go without saying that accidents usually happen at the worst possible times. A big birthday bash, a family reunion, a holiday party are all inopportune times to deal with broken glass that help keep your home safe and secure. Just imagine the neighbor’s son and how thrilled he would be to get that special bat and ball for his little league games as a gift for Christmas. The thought would bring a smile to anyone’s face, until that ball gets hit right through the custom transom over your front doors. That needs to be closed off immediately. ASAP Restoration can get right out to your Boca Raton home and board it up for you in no time.

Storm Damage Boardup Services in Boynton Beach

Storms of a non-tropical nature can whip up quickly and cause some damage from time to time. It doesn’t take a hurricane to break out a window. A tree limb that gets tossed from the storm can easily go through a glass window. You can’t leave it unsecured and there’s no way it can be replaced immediately, so you will need to have a company cover it with plywood in the interim. ASAP Restoration will board up the broken window and handle the glass replacement as soon as possible.

Palm Beach County Emergency Window Boarding Service

ASAP Restoration is a leader in the emergency services industry. They offer tarp installation, storm damage response, and emergency boardup services in Boca Raton and all of Palm Beach County. Call 888-307-1776 for emergency home damage assistance.