Fire Damage Cleanup: How The Process Works


There is no disaster that damages property like a fire. In many cases, it’s severe and accompanied by several problems that can interfere with normal functioning and cost a lot of money.

When it comes to the restoration of your property, it’s best to act quickly in order to prevent further damage and save money.

Calling in the experts is the best course of action. In addition to getting smoke and soot out of your belongings, they understand how to fix structural damage and restore your property to its original state.

The main types of fire damage are as follows:


Additionally, they will inspect your property for structural damage, such as a burnt staircase or a hole in your wall or ceiling.

Smell & Dirt

It is common for fire damage to leave lingering odors and to stain many surfaces. Your walls and carpets can be stained by smoke as it travels through a building. Besides leaving dust, dirt, and soot everywhere, a fire can also leave dust, dirt, and soot everywhere.

Cleaning and sanitizing your home or business will be a priority for fire damage restoration companies.

Water Damage

There is often a connection between fire damage and water damage. In the event of a fire, water can spill over your property due to a burst pipe or tank, or holes can be created in your home, leading to leaks in bad weather. Your property will be soaked in water as firefighters put out the fire.

In order to understand how fire damage restoration contractors do their job, let’s take a look at the process:

Assessing the Damage

You must assess first whether your structure and belongings have been damaged by the fire, how much of it has been covered in soot and smoke, and whether there have been any signs of heat damage. Your insurer will receive a record of all this.

In order to prevent smoke particles from settling on good furniture, it’s important to remove all furniture without any smoke or fire damage as soon as possible.

Securing the Foundation & Structure

A member of our team will assess your property’s structural damage and determine what urgent repairs need to be made – such as tarping the roof or boarding up windows – in order to prevent further damage.


Owning a business or a home is no easy task. Without professional assistance, it’s almost impossible. Water damage and moisture removal can be handled by our crew.

If you have standing water on your property, we can pump it out and sanitize it.

After cleaning the carpets, it’s time to clean the upholstery. There will be odors left over from the fire that need to be removed. There may be some furniture that has to be thrown out, and replacing some of your things may even be less expensive than cleaning and refinishing them.

Fire Damage Cleanup Services Company in Boca Raton

Cleaning up fire damage is more than just cleaning and repairing places that have been damaged by fire.

It is important to consider how fire transforms a property’s foundation, structure and contents.

Make sure that the company you choose provides you with all the tools and options you need.

We at ASAP Restoration LLC handle the entire process of fire damage cleanup in Boca Raton beyond what is visible at first glance.