Fire Damage Restoration Services: Understanding the Basics


The restoration process following a fire can be a lengthy and complex undertaking. In order to simplify all the steps involved, we have listed our fire damage restoration process below.

Getting started is the first step. Restoration of fire-damaged property is the process of making it look as good as it did before the fire. It can take several weeks to several months for the restoration process to be completed, depending on the size of the fire and the extent of the damage.

Additionally, fire restoration can include board-up, demolition, and reconstruction of the property in addition to debris removal, odor and soot removal, cleaning, and deodorization.

In addition, fire damage is often followed by water damage. Water damage is also likely to occur after firefighters hose down flames.

Having discussed what fire restoration is, let’s take a closer look at each step in the process and its importance.

What fire damage cleanup process involves?

1) Damage Evaluation

Our experts will only assess the damage once the area is deemed safe to enter. In general, this involves determining how deeply the flames and smoke have penetrated the structure. In addition to estimating how extensive and lengthy the clean-up will be, we will also estimate how long it will take.

Upon completion of the assessment, emergency repairs will be made to ensure safety and security while restoring and rebuilding. The property can be protected by boarding up, erecting a fence, or sealing off parts of the roof.

2) Removal of Contents

Afterward, we will examine the contents of the property to see if any can be salvaged. Our crew will carefully remove damaged belongings if the cost of restoring them is less than the cost of replacing them.

After removing the items from the property, we will clean, sanitize, and restore them. Until your property is ready for you to move back in, ASAP Restoration LLC can store them in our warehouse facilities. You can also recover damaged documents or records from our commercial customer services if your business has been damaged.

3) Cleaning & Decontamination

Are you aware that soot can damage building materials and contents inside your home? To remove any harmful byproducts of the fire, a professional cleaning must be performed.

The sewage or greywater from a burst pipe can contain a whole host of bacteria and viruses if it has been contaminated by the fire. Following a fire, our team at ASAP Restoration LLC is well-versed in cleaning and decontaminating the affected areas.

4) Reconstruction & Repairs

All necessary repairs and rebuilding can be handled by ASAP Restoration LLC. The advantage of this option is that you only have to deal with one contractor from beginning to end of the restoration process.

The entire process will be managed from start to finish by us, and if necessary, contractors will be brought in to provide specific expertise.

Fire Damage Cleanup in Boca Raton

ASAP Restoration LLC understands the trauma caused by a fire. Thousands of clients have relied on us to restore their damaged properties to normalcy after fires.

As you undergo this highly stressful time, we are committed to providing you with reliable service for fire damage cleanup in Boca Raton, quality workmanship, and superior customer service.

In case of a fire, call our 24-hour disaster response line, and we will dispatch a team to your home or workplace. Our website offers more information about our fire restoration process and other property restoration services.