How to Check for Mold in Your Parkland Home?


When they see the telltale black, green, and white marks of mold damage in a bathroom or basement, many people get a shiver and fear the worst. Mold is a naturally occurring substance in nature that plays an important role in the decay of dead outdoor elements, but that doesn’t mean you want it in your home! 

Mold spreads quickly and can cause symptoms like a cold, headaches, and even confusion. Because of mold’s toxicity, it’s critical to check for mold damage, and you’ll need to know if you need Mold Damage in Parkland remediation services.

Where Mold Lives

Mold thrives in your home where there is moisture, darkness, and dirt to feed on. This includes any location where there has been a water leak, whether caused by a storm or a broken pipe. Bathrooms, basements, and window ledges, as well as leaky ceilings and overflowing toilets, are common culprits in homes. 

Mold can also live in your ductwork if it isn’t properly insulated, or behind walls if a pipe leaks. Mold remediation is required in all of these locations because if left untreated, mold will continue to eat away at your home and your health. We also have years of experience in providing Water Damage Remediation in Parkland.

How to Check for Mold

If you notice black and green spots or streaks on your walls, you may have mold. This is frequently accompanied by a damp, musty odor. There is a simple test you can use to determine whether the black spots you see are caused by dirt or mold. Apply diluted bleach to the affected area (1 part bleach to 16 parts water). 

Mold is most likely present if it cleans off easily or if you erase it and it reappears. Another test is to use a screwdriver to inspect the walls for rotting wood or drywall. If that’s the case, the mold has taken over. These mold damage tests will tell you everything you need to know and guide you down the path of mold remediation. 

No one wants to see the uninvited guest mold appear, but if you notice black spots and a musty odor, it’s likely that one has already arrived. Mold removal is essential for your family’s health as well as the structural integrity of your home. If you ignore mold damage, your mold problem will worsen, and mold remediation will become prohibitively expensive. Self-inspecting for mold is a good first step in detecting and resolving a mold problem.

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