My House Suffered From Fire Damage in Hollywood, FL, What Should I Do?


It’s terrifying, but it’s unavoidable, especially when the source is unknown. It’s a terrifying and dangerous experience that no one wants to think about. The intensity of a fire can sometimes be so great that it permanently damages people’s property and lives. You can call the experts like ASAP Restoration LLC for Fire Damage Cleanup in Boca Raton.

DIY steps for fire damage clean up

Step inside your house with safety– You should make sure your property is safe to enter based on the severity of the fire. Nothing is visible due to the fire damage and the spread of smoke inside the house, so proceed with caution. Hire the best Reconstruction Services in Hollywood, FL for fire clean and restoration purposes.

You should only enter your home once the smoke has cleared and everything is visible. If you’re not careful, you might end up touching the hot spots and unsupported beams.

Document the damage for your insurance claim- If your home is fire-insured, you should take pictures of the damage to show your insurer. Take photos that will help the insurance company understand the extent of the damage so that you can receive the maximum payout.

Move the unaffected items – As soon as you enter, look for items that are unaffected and undamaged. If these items are still accessible, try to move them to a secure location. However, you must exercise extreme caution while moving.

Should I hire professionals to clean up after a fire?

You should definitely hire professionals to clean up after a fire. Only after contacting a reputable fire damage restoration company should you proceed with the above-mentioned DIY steps. You should finish these tasks while they’re on their way.

Few reasons why you should hire a professional?

  1. Fire damage leaves broken glass, sharp objects, and a variety of other hazards that can be difficult to spot, especially if you aren’t familiar with the area. Working with professionals will ensure that the process runs smoothly because they will use the appropriate tools to clear the area of all hazardous debris. You won’t step on anything dangerous.
  2. During the fire damage cleanup process, professionals adhere to the local community’s rules and regulations. They would not use regular trash and dumpster services, instead of looking for a specific location to dispose of the waste. They will ensure that your home complies with all applicable clean-up laws.
  3. Working with professionals for fire damage cleanup has the advantage of restoring more items than expected. The items may appear to be destroyed, but they will be completely restored by professionals.

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You now know what to do if your home has been damaged by fire. So take the precautions we’ve suggested and stay safe. For more information fill out our contact us form and schedule a consultation at 888.307.1776.