Need Emergency Roof Repair Tarp Services in Palm Beach County? Know Before You Hire One


Storms can cause serious damage to your roof. To prevent further damage to your home, you’ll need emergency roofing repairs. There are a number of consequences following major roofing damage, including water infiltration, mold, mildew, ruined possessions, and ill health. Tarps are usually used for emergency roofing. Tarps are large sheets of plastic or rubberized fabric that keep water out temporarily.

Amateurs should not attempt this

Roofs are not for amateurs, even in ideal conditions. During a storm, injury risks increase dramatically. Please stay off of your roof before discussing tarping!

When storm damage occurs, tarps are a quick solution. Tarps can be thrown over any kind of roof, but they are particularly useful over shingle roofs because they ride up and over the ridge, helping to shed water.

These enormous tarps are usually carried by residential roofers who handle emergency roofing calls. It is possible to preserve the damaged roof beneath because a single, waterproof sheet covers the whole roof seamlessly. Your gutters are clogged with water. While existing damage remains untouched, no more damage can occur until necessary repairs are made.

Proper Installation

Following a storm, tarps are typically installed in two ways:


Temporary tarps are thrown over your home’s roof as the last raindrops fall, anchored to the roof only along the bottom and side edges. Water cannot enter your home through nail holes in the expanse or ridge. Wind uplift can be prevented with furring strips or weighted sandbags.

Long Term 

It may be necessary to place a long-term tarp while insurance issues, scheduling, or contract terms are resolved. As a roof replacement, a more substantial tarp will be more thoroughly fastened.

What is the recommended time to leave a tarp on a roof? For as long as necessary to resolve the roof repair issue!

Life Span

A temporary tarp will last for a few months.

The installation of a long-term tarp could last up to two years.

If you only have a tarp on your roof, you cannot be energy efficient, completely water resistant, and comfortable in your home. Tarping, however, gives you and your local roofer some breathing room. The roofer, your insurance adjuster, and you can work together to find a permanent solution once the house is safe.

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