Preventing Flood Damage in Fort Lauderdale


Floods are one of the most common and devastating natural disasters in the world, resulting in extensive property and life loss. Flood damage can be overwhelming, but contacting professionals who specialize in Flood Damage Recovery in Fort Lauderdale can help.

If you know that flooding is a possibility, review tips for preventing, or at the very least limiting, flood damage before requiring storm restoration services.

Flood Damage Has Negative Consequences

  • House framing that has been stolen
  • Outlets that have been damaged
  • drywall that has been damaged
  • Mold and mildew development
  • Furniture that has been damaged
  • Floors that have been damaged
  • Invasion of pests

How Can Flood Damage Be Avoided?

  1. Elevation – Elevation provides the best flood protection. If they live in areas with a high risk of flooding, new buildings are expected to be built at or above the level of the area’s base flood. Residential Water Damage Restoration is something that our experts are well-versed in.
  2. Floodwalls – Similar to privacy fences, floodwalls are self-supporting barriers. They don’t slide or fall over because of their heavy construction. Floodwalls also prevent water from penetrating beneath them. Floodwalls are made of cement blocks, wood, poured concrete, or bricks, and they can protect a building’s walls from erosion, floating debris, and unequal water pressure. Floodwater can infiltrate sewer systems and back up into buildings, causing sewer backups. Install a flap valve on the single sewer line to reduce the effects of sewer backups.
  3. Plastic Sheeting – Plastic sheeting can be used to protect outside walls from flooding. The plastic should be placed on structures that extend from the building so that the water’s weight does not press against it and nearby landscaping is not harmed. To prevent sewer backup in a sandbag levee, cover all doors, drains, windows, and other openings with plastic sheeting.

If your home is flooded, a storm restoration contractor can assist you with the recovery process. Your storm restoration contractor can fix your roof, siding, exterior painting, and more.

We are a full-service water remediation company that provides mold removal, fire damage restoration, and flood damage restoration. From the first contact to the completed project, we strive to improve our services in every way to make your experience as painless and satisfying as possible.

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