Shrink Wrap Roof: The ultimate guide


Nowadays, shrink wrap roof seal has become one of the best rooftop alternatives in cases of emergency leak protection in areas that have experienced a large-scaled hailstorm, tornado, cyclone, or any other natural calamities. It also can offer protection from water damage problems that starts immediately after a natural disaster especially, floods.

As the name suggests, a shrink roof is a type of false roof that consists of a large plastic membrane. The upper part of the shrink roof shrinks tightly to the contours of your roof and wraps the entire area. It is a superior version of blue roof tarps. For the best shrink roof service, you can call any of the Roof Shrink Wrap Services in Hollywood, FL.

Comparison between shrink wrap roof and blue roof tarp:

There are differences between the Shrink Wrap roof and the blue roof tarp when it comes to quality and service. Blue roof tarps are the primitive roof tarps that you see dotting the rooftops of houses after a cyclone or a natural disaster. Though they protect from water leaks, still they have various drawbacks. If you want to seek a long-term solution, you can surely opt for a shrink wrap roof over a blue roof tarp.

The main problem with the blue roof tarp is that the strips used in it create more holes in your roof. This creates a mess and the blue roof tarps degrade due to the extreme heat of the sun.

The advantage of the blue roof tarp is that the material used in it is of high quality and waterproof. They are also resistant to UV rays of the sun and shrinks properly covering the entire area of your roof. It is recommended to hire a professional roof tarp service provider for efficient service. In case of severe damage caused by storms or any other natural disaster, you can also call for any of the Storm Damage Restoration in Hollywood, FL.


So, from now on you don’t have to worry about your roofing. Shrink-wrap roofs are the perfect replacement for your original roof in cases of natural disasters. If you face any problem such as water logging etc., just call for the best Commercial Restoration Services in Hollywood, FL.