The Dangers of Standing Flood Water From A Storm in Fort Lauderdale


Every year, storms and hurricanes wreak havoc on various regions. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous consequences of storms can happen after the storm has passed. Standing floodwater caused by storms can pose serious health risks in addition to a lack of supplies and road closures. Call the experts for Flood Damage Recovery in Fort Lauderdale at the earliest.

Here are some of the most serious issues that floods can cause.

Health Risks

Standing flood water is hazardous to one’s health. The CDC has a section that lists all of the diseases that are more likely to spread in the aftermath of a storm, including Norovirus and West Nile Virus. Because flood water can infect everything it touches, bacterial infections and diseases become more likely. This can include anything from clothing to toys used by children.

As a result, it’s critical not to drink or eat anything that’s been contaminated by standing floodwater, and to wash hands as frequently as possible‚ÄĒespecially before meals. Furthermore, open wounds are far more likely to become infected as a result of storm waters. Keep open wounds out of the water if at all possible, or cover them with waterproof bandages. The Storm Restoration Professionals in Hollywood, FL have immense years of experience in providing the best services.

Physical Hazards

The disease isn’t the only danger lurking beneath the surface of standing water. Dangerous insects and even threatening animals can be hidden beneath the surface of murky water. Much of this depends on the storm’s location, but alligators have been known to take advantage of new habitats created by storms. Furthermore, much of the storm’s physical damage is still visible in the water. Broken glass or sharp metal, for example, maybe difficult to see before causing injury. Furthermore, storms frequently result in power line damage. In standing water, these can pose a risk of electrocution. Whether people are in their cars or not, floodwater has the potential to drown them.

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