Top Mold Remediation and Testing services for your residence in Hollywood, FL


Before getting into the details of our services we will discuss what molds are and why you should get rid of molds. A mold is a biological term for the organism which we identify as Hyphae. This is one kind of fungus. The growth of this fungus named mold happens based on the structure of multicellular filaments. Now, what does mold do?

Well, mold starts growing on the walls of your house making your beloved house look bad and dirty and also causing health problems to all the people living in the house. When human beings get a lot of exposure to molds directly that causes health problems like sore throat, itchy throat, breathing problems, heart problems, and many more things. So for the safety of the people living in a house, it is extremely important to keep in check the growth of molds on your house. You can avail of our services of Mold Remediation and Testing in Hollywood, FL to keep that in check.

The steps that we take for remediation and testing of the molds in your house

The team of experts that we have for mold remediation and testing follows the most efficient procedure of serving the customers. The steps that our team of experts follows for remediation and testing of molds are as follows:

  • Applying antimicrobial is one of the first things that our team does as it stops the mold from growing any further in your house.
  • Identifying the source of the growth of mold is the second step. Our team tests the air around your house and the water that you use in the house to identify the source.
  • Then the experts will soak out the moisture where the mold is growing then they will separately contain the place with a boundary to disallow the molds to grow anymore.
  • Then they will start removing the mold with the help of the latest and the best equipment for the purpose.

The real cause of the growth of mold

The main reason which leads to the growth of mold is rain or water-related problems. This is because coming in contact with water will increase moisture in your home which is the perfect condition for a mold to be alive and grow. That is why we also provide services for water damage cleanup.


That is all we wanted to make you know about molds and what you can do to counter them. You can also check out our services of Residential Water Damage Restoration.