What Are The Different Types Of Flooding That Can Occur In Your Home in Parkland?


Flooding is typically caused by rain or snow melting on top of impermeable surfaces such as roofs and sidewalks, resulting in these unusual events when the water spills into basements or crawlspaces. Water can enter your home through foundation wall cracks, utility line gaps, or leaky windows and doors. If you do not take precautions to prevent flooding, you are putting your home at risk of long-term damage, which can result in significant costs down the road. Call the experts for Water Damage Remediation in Parkland at the earliest.

Here are a few examples of flooding that can occur in a home:

  1. Sewer Flooding

A flooded basement can be disastrous. Water may find its way into your basement due to improper drainage or clogged sewer lines. You must be cautious of potential pipe and appliance damage, such as water damage from broken pipes, rotted wood, and mold. This type of flooding can often be avoided by scheduling regular septic system maintenance. The experts in Residential Water Damage Restoration are only a phone call away!

  1. Rainwater Damage

Rain Flooding in homes is also caused by water damage, particularly in areas with heavy rainfall. Heavy rainfalls can cause water to seep into foundations and walls, causing mold, mildew, decay, and structural damage to your home.

  1. Flooding in the Basement

Basement flooding typically occurs when water seeps through an area that has not been properly waterproofed or drained, such as a gap in the foundation wall or roof, a leaky basement window, or an incorrectly installed sump pump. Water can also enter your basement via the toilet tank and pipes. Basement flooding can cause significant damage. It has the potential to destroy your basement and its contents, as well as cause damage to other areas of your home.

  1. Water Intrusion

Water intrusion can occur as a result of a leaking sump pump or a clogged drainpipe. Water can also enter your home through a small gap between the foundation wall’s base and the ground. This type of flooding is typically caused by poor drainage or basement overcrowding. Water intrusion can also occur during heavy building rains.

Flooding can be devastating to your home, especially if it is caused by a faulty foundation or cracks in the walls. Hiring ASAP Restoration LLC usually solves this problem quickly. We have been dealing with flooding issues for years and can assist you! For more information fill out our contact us form and schedule a consultation at 888.307.1776.