What to do if you have Mold In your Bathroom?


Mold is not uncommon in bathrooms. The frequent use of water, high humidity, and reliance on a single small fan are all factors that contribute to mold in our bathrooms. Mold growth is common in or around the bathtub or shower liner. However, we rarely inspect or expect to find mold behind or under our vanity cabinets.

This is exactly what happened in a recent Mold Damage in Parkland job by ASAP Restoration LLC. Initially requested for a small amount of “black stuff” and mushrooms growing out of the carpet, which could have been mold, turned out to be a much larger ongoing problem.

How to Check for a Bathroom Water Leak

It is not uncommon for a leak in your plumbing to go undetected for an extended period of time. In addition, we provide Commercial Restoration Services in Hollywood, FL. Here are eight methods for detecting a water leak in your home or bathroom.

  • Examine the hot water tank’s pressure relief valve.
  • Remove the top of the tank and listen carefully for leaks in the toilet – If you hear any hissing, try to figure out where it’s coming from.
  • If the toilets are working properly, inspect the line from the meter to the house.
  • If you have the valve at the house turned off and the meter has stopped moving, the leak is somewhere in the house.
  • Examine the shower head for leaks.
  • Smell – Mildewy odors are left by old, accumulated water.
  • Discolored grout, stains/watermarks on the floors
  • Cabinets – Warping, delamination, rot, and bubbling finish

What should you do if you discover mold in your bathroom?

When you suspect mold in your home or bathroom, the best thing to do is contact a certified mold removal professional. The professionals can assess the mold damage and recommend whether you should bring in an industrial hygienist for testing or what the best next steps are. When it comes to mold removal, many precautions are taken; as a homeowner, it is wise to hire a professional company that is properly insured and experienced in handling mold removal. For more information fill out our contact us form and schedule a consultation at 888.307.1776.