What You Should Never Do In A Storm in Hollywood, FL?


During a storm, there are two kinds of people: those who want to go about their daily lives without thinking about or worrying about the storm, and those who want to get a close look at the action. Both of these methods can be hazardous to you and your property. Hurricanes can cause a catastrophic storms and water damage, and such a storm should be respected.

Aside from the potential for water damage, which could result in flooded streets, high winds whip trees, roof shingles, and debris, which could land anywhere. If your home does sustain damage, consult Storm Restoration Professionals in Hollywood, FL.

Outside Activities to Avoid During a Storm

Hurricanes are extremely powerful and cause an extensive storm and water damage. People can become so engrossed in the excitement that they lose sight of the storm. Flying debris is like shrapnel in winds of hundreds of miles per hour. Flooding can also make roads impassable, and you could be swept away.

Going outside to gauge the strength of the winds is not a good idea. Even if you believe the storm has passed, you may be in the eye of the storm and should remain indoors. Furthermore, looking out the window at the storm could result in a shattered window in your lap. It is best to stay inside, preferably in an interior room of your home.

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Inside Activities to Avoid During a Storm

During a hurricane, instead of going about your business, as usual, you should hunker down in your home. Storm and water damage occur quickly, and safety should be the top priority. During a storm, avoid using electronics because power surges can damage them.

Showering and even washing your hands is also not recommended. Lightning can travel through plumbing, and storm damage caused by a lightning strike can be disastrous for you and your home.

What you should never do in a storm may seem obvious, but it isn’t always. You can safely go outside after the storm has passed to inspect the storm damage and water damage. If the damage is extensive, hire a professional for storm damage clean-up and storm damage repair to restore your home to its pre-storm condition. Storm damage dangers are not always visible to the naked eye, and extreme caution must be exercised when dealing with hurricanes. For more info or to schedule a consultation contacts us today at 888.307.1776.